Extra Doors Extreme Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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The Extra Doors Extreme Mod Within Minecraft there are just two options for doors which are one type of wood door or the iron door. I’m sure we all have thought to ourselves, “Why can’t I make a door out of other blocks?” With the Extra Doors Extreme Mod you can utilize several material blocks for creating additional types of doors as well as the door taking on the same characteristics as the block.

Zombies thinking they can enter your house or castle? Build a door made of stone, sandstone, smooth sandstone, gold, diamond, brick, obsidian, cobblestone, nether brick, glass, quartz, stone brick, cracked stone brick, or any of three different types of wood blocks. Imagine a zombie trying to punch through an obsidian door. Those horrible creatures outside the door won’t know what to do when they face a door that can withstand several blocks of TNT.

Make doors strong enough to withstand explosions!

The Extra Doors Extreme Mod for Minecraft provides safety for you and your comrades when those weak wooden doors just won’t hold up. Or perhaps for the sake of appearance, you will now have access to several doors all with the same textures and colors as the block they were created with. Being able to create several different types of doors with the materials you obtain can be fun to do with your friends, or just solo play and you want to add a different colored door to your castle in the sky, or castle above lava, or even just a simple house. In case you wondering about redstone capability, then rest assured that yes, the doors are able to be opened with redstone items.

Build special rooms to protect your stash from other players!

How about being on a server with players running around with TNT? You will certainly need a bomb shelter to protect your stash. Try building an obsidian door and placing it in the doorway of your obsidian encased room beneath your house or in some secret location. The possibilities of this amazing mod are almost endless. There are so many awesome custom maps and we would love to see exactly how creative the Minecraft community can be with such a simple mod. On that note, the mod is of course compatible with texture packs! This means that all of the doors can be edited to have different appearances based on the texture packs you have at your disposal.

Doors that hold all the characteristics of the block!

So, the next time you are in a cave or an abandoned mine shaft collecting an enormous amount of cobblestone, think about what you can now do with your extra cobblestone blocks. Make a nice sturdy door that has all of the characteristics of the block, which includes the durability, texture, and color of the block. Let your imagination and designing abilities in Minecraft come to life with this mod. Don’t let the standard, boring wooden or iron doors stop you from using your creativity to build the perfect experience in Minecraft for you and your friends!

Come check out this amazing mod now!

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