Explosives Plus Mod for Minecraft 1.4.5

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If you've ever had a devious urge to wreck a friend's multiplayer map, or yearned to see how much devastation you could inflict on a piece you've spent weeks of time just to have a reason to rebuild and improve upon it, this mod is for you. This particular mod adds a huge variety of explosives; both as craftable items and as environmental events.

Once detonated, the Genesis Bomb completely resets the current game world to the condition it was originally generated as.

  • Guided Airstrikes By crafting a Laser Designator, you can hold down right click, pick your ground zero, then unleash 9 nukes. You can even hold “Z” down while picking targets to see the airstrike’s progress.A second, more powerful, version can be crafted which unleashes the hell of 25 H-bombs. However, this version is only good for one use.
  • Ballistic Missile Launcher You can launch missiles to strike a single square within a 1500 square range before it peters off course.
  • Nuclear Creepers While these cannot be crafted, you can make creepers go nuclear by enabling it from the options menu. This is defaulted to “OFF.”
  • Volcano Yes, you can create a volcano which renders everything within a cone into a massive plume of ashes and flames, burning everything within range to nothingness.
  • AC-130 Weapons Platform This unique tool of devastation flies between three designated points, laying waste to everything it can find with its three guns (105mm, 40mm, and 25mm caliber).
  • Elephant Gun This terrain-only tool of destruction knocks huge holes in whatever terrain you aim and fire at, with no limit to the range it can strike out to.
  • Glassing Beams ‘Glassing” is a procedure by which sand is heated to becoming glass. The Explosives+ Glassing Beam comes in three settings, all of which cooks, melts, and explodes the terrain it’s aimed at.
  • Mind Control Helmet Yes, an explosion-centric mod has a mind controller helmet. It includes one because right-clicking after you control somebody causes the helmet to explode, injuring the victim and everyone around it.
  • The above list is just a portion of the extensive destructive playthings Explosives+ offers a curious player. So go ahead and give it a try!

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