Explosives+ Mod for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8/1.7.10

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TNT is not enough BOOM for you? No problem! With the Explosives+ Mod you get a ton new blocks, that help you to blow up stuff in minecraft. If you're like me, you have played Minecraft but found that it was a bit dull at times. Sure, with some effort you can "craft" swords and bows.

However, the makers of the Explosives+ Mod for Minecraft aimed to take Minecraft’s combat system to a completely different level. It is my belief that they have more than succeeded in their efforts.

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If you’ve been playing the game for a while, you likely are aware that gunpowder and sand can be crafted together into a block of TNT. Either by lighting the fuse yourself or building a contraption to do it for you from a safe distance, these basic explosives are a great way to quickly excavate holes in the ground for mining, form an explosive perimeter to protect your shelter from monsters and other players, or to just do some quick deforestation. These blocks are also useful for destroying enemies’ structures on a competitive Minecraft server. Although they are reasonably powerful, their blast radius is only about 100 feet wide. Explosives+ supplements TNT with much more powerful versions that have enormous blast radii. Options range from typical TNT to a multi-megaton nuclear weapon and everything in between.

These additions of new explosives allows the player to take out enormous areas all at once, dig straight down to the mantle of the Earth or even the bottom of the world. This is inadvisable, however, because you might fall out of the world itself and die. How embarrassing. The destruction is not only useful, but it can be delightfully fun to watch.

The designers of the Explosives+ Mod didn’t stop at increasing the power of TNT, however. They decided to widely expand the combat options that players have. In addition to Minecraft’s classic ranged weapon, the bow and arrow, you are now able to utilize guns that fire proper bullets. Mortar cannons allow players to set up long-range defensive perimeters for their structures. Volcanic vents can be placed that pour lava onto the ground, creating a new environmental hazard and denying access to the terrain. Guided missiles, with practice, can be accurately fired at distant targets with impressive destructive effects.

Even the most modern weapons are available to players who know how to properly utilize them. It is even possible to pilot a stealth bomber that is able to perform saturation bombing over a wide area. Missiles can also be guided to a precise location using laser sighting. The opportunities to wage war on other players are nearly limitless in this modification. However, before you go crazy destroying everything in sight, you should be sure that your server is configured so that you can reverse the damage with a restoration command. It’s no fun blowing up your huge and elaborate structures if you can’t bring them back. Fortunately, with the robust new tools available for managing Minecraft servers, this is usually fairly easy to do.

One note is that due to the modern nature of many of the weapons in Explosives+, things may look out of place with Minecraft’s medieval default appearance. For this reason, I recommend combining it with a modern texture pack so that the visual theme does not become inconsistent.

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