Ex Nihilo Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10/1.6.4

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Ex Nihilo means "from nothing," and that's exactly what this engaging mod allows you to do, build an entire world from nothing. With an array of simple "pre-early-game" recipes, a single tree floating in the void can eventually become nearly every block in the game! It all begins with a humble wooden crook that can pull saplings and silk worms out of leaf blocks.

Saplings and string can be composted to make dirt, dirt can be sifted to make cobblestone, cobblestone can be melted into lava or hammered into gravel. In no time, a handful of leaf blocks have become an iron sword or a brick house.

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…Build a new world

Ex Nihilo is the ideal mod for creating a ‘skyblock survival’-type map, or any other sort of Survival Island. Given a bare minimum of basic resources, a player can build into nearly any type of block, and turn their floating island into a fully furnished paradise. Progression with Ex Nihilo is a very satisfying experience for map-makers and ordinary players alike.

Ex Nihilo also has enormous compatibility with other mods, including the ones featured in the popular ‘Feed the Beast’ modpack. Sifters can provide ores like tin and lead as easily as they provide iron, allowing the tech trees of mods such as Thermal Expansion and Tinker’s Construct to be explored from the same humble roots as vanilla blocks.

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