Essence Of The Gods Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

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While a newcomer to Minecraft may aspire to make an entire suite of tools and armor made from diamonds, this particular mod exists to give you a variety of new and diamond-equivalent forms of equipment.The Essence of the Gods mod for Minecraft adds a slew of new crafting recipes to the game.

Lunium is a new material that can be crafted from ores into ingots. Simply craft the relevant tools with Lunium and then throw all four of them into your crafting table’s window.

  • New Materials. This mod adds six new materials: Sapphire, Lunium, Shadium, Hellstone, Celestium, and Flairium, for the construction of swords and each of the game’s common tools.
  • New Ranged Weaponry. Thinking beyond just a bow and arrow, this mod adds several varieties of magical rods, staves, and wands.
  • New Enchantments. This mod adds a pair of new magical enchantments:* Hot Touch. When applied to a harvesting item, it will automatically smelt whatever you harvest.* Water Walker. This is applied to footwear equipment and allows you to walk across the surface of water.
  • New Dimensions. Beyond tweaks to the Overworld and Nether, this mod gives you dimensional access to Euca, The Depths, Boiling Point, Frozen Lands, Corba, and The Wastelands.
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