Erebus Dimension Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.4.7

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If you love Minecraft but are a little tired of traveling through all the same-looking worlds then this mod is just the one you've been looking for! The Erebus Dimension Mod will create a entirely new dimension within your in-game world - one filled with dangerous insectoid foes! So make sure you bring your best weaponry and don't forget your health potions!

This is extremely easy and only requires two sticks and a spiders eye. Once you have your activator all you then need to do is build a portal out of bricks and use your portal activator.

You will then see a glowing green portal appear in the brick outline, after which point all you have to do is jump in.

What the world is like

The realm itself is much different than pretty much any of the other worlds you have likely come to expect. In the initial stages of design the mod had only a single biome and a handful of mobs. Now, however, there are over forty mobs and a wide variety of different biomes. The mod also feature three new types of ore, jade ore, which is primarily used for crafting new weapons and armor, petrified wood ore and fossil ore.

The mod also has a interesting variety of crates, the best of which is made of bamboo. If you stack four bamboo crates, four on four, atop each other they will create one enormous crate which gives the player three pages of item storage.


As previously stated the mod features a wide variety of insectiod enemys, almost all of which are hostile. The most dangerous of which are the scorpions, which will grab you and hold on to you until you let them go. The locust, which has a jumping attack and a whooping fifty health and the ant lion, a mini boss of one of the two dungeons in the mod. Also, beware of crafting a home out of wood because the beetle larva enemies feed on wood and will tunnel your house out from underneath you!

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