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Equivalent Exchange Mod for Minecraft 1.7.4 / 1.7.2 / 1.6.4 & 1.5.2

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The Equivalent Exchange Mod is a Minecraft addition especially popular with players who prefer to play Minecraft for its extensive sandbox abilities. Equivalent Exchange adds alchemy to your world, allowing complex structures to be built more easily while using the same general crafting techniques of standard Minecraft.

Many valuable or useful items in Minecraft take huge amounts of time to acquire if the player must look for every resource manually. However, for most players simply cheating to create the items would make the building process far less engaging. With the addition of alchemy to the game, the player may craft a new set of tools which take “EMC” energy from easily-found blocks and transmute it into rare and useful blocks and items. Once the player has become a successful alchemist, complex building projects that require very large amounts of rare materials can be accomplished with no tedious grinding. All the same, alchemy is performed using the same processes as normal Minecraft crafting, so the player’s immersion in the game can be maintained.

The main elements of Equivalent Exchange alchemy are the added alchemy-themed objects. These are either used as new types of crafting tools or as means by which to collect EMC with which to perform the alchemical transmutations. For example, one of the first objects is the Philosopher’s Stone, which is used to create a Transmutation Tablet. This tablet acts as a crafting table, which can “learn” the formation of any object or block placed on it; the Transmutation Tablet can then use EMC to transmute anything placed on it into any type of item it has “learned.” Once you’ve used items like the Energy Collector to acquire fuel, you’re on your way to stress-free building projects.

How to download & install:

  1. Install the Minecraft Forge first
  2. Download the Equivalent Exchange Mod on this page.
  3. Unzip the .zip file
  4. Place the .jar file in to your /mods folder
  5. Happy Crafting!

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Download Page for Equivalent Exchange Mod
  • You are phuked

    You think you are funny? I’m gonna reroute your funds to someones elses account now, you just have this setup so any page you go to you earn money for the ad but no download… Watch and learn chump…

    • Admin

      Hi, did you actually try the links? One always leads to the correct download on filecopter. Just checked and it is working.

      Maybe you could explain, what is not working on your side, so I can fix it.

      Thank you

  • Tarek701

    What do you mean by resource folder inside of the equivalent exchange zip? There are just 2 files, which are both jar files and no resource folder.

  • inge

    Umm there is no resource folder in the ee2 zip, it’s just two jar files.

  • ThatRandomGuy

    Uhh there is only two jar files

  • Idragonmaster

    hey is this mod compatitable with magic launcher?

  • eli muhs

    I don’t have 2 files just a group of them none are in the folders

  • lol

    . That’s all.

  • 2Pro4Sho

    ERHMAGHERD just double click teh EE mod u will have dem files correct? yes correct cuz im awesome. Drag dem files to your desktop. Open your minecraft.jar with winrar or 7zip and drag dem files into your minecraft.jar AND REMEMBER KIDS DELETE META-INF also once u dragged u can delete the copies remaining on your desktop. Hope I helped :P

  • lolloofdlsd

    1. download mod–2.download forge api–3. download (or if you have) winrar or 7-zip–4. click the “start” button–5. click “run”–6. type in %appdata%–7. open .minecraft–8.go to “bin” then open “minecraft”–9. drag forge api files into “minecraft” and then delete META-INF–10. drag mod folders/contents in to “minecraft”. run minecraft and ENJOY

  • dog

    y u no like?

  • Drauka2011

    Won’t install right I dont have most of the items and the one i have won’t work Please


    • Alex Kerrigan

      nobody can help if u dont say what teh problem is

  • Alex Kerrigan

    this mod is like a step under cheating but i do like to use alchemy bag condenser and rending gale

  • jyfghgvgghfghf

    i only get number 2

  • jacobw1ooo

    lies that vidoe is from ee2 and what you giving is ee3

  • ohioman12

    this mod dosent work with flans plane mod it just crashes.

  • CptFizzCakes

    mine keeps on crashing on 1.6.4 im running forge 879 but everytime even on a clean minecraft i cant get it to work without it crashing help please