EnchantView Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2

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The Enchant View Minecraft mod allows you to fully understand what enchantments are available at the enchanting table each time you wish to enchant an item. To put it simply, you fully understand what the squiggly scripts translate to. It can be really annoying to have yourself an awesome bow and, when you go to have it enchanted, you get a really weak or useless enchantment like Punch II.

If you’ve got the Enchant View mod installed, you’ll know exactly what to go for, or if you need to remove and reinstall the bow again for a different set of three enchantments. It should be noted that due to coding restraints, this mod does not auto-translate the magical texts and overwrite the arcane texts with English letters. However, by simply mousing over a given enchantment, you can learn what the enchantment (or enchantments if you’re high enough) will become. This way you can avoid the pratfalls of a bad pick and will no longer run the risk of getting an enchantment that is great for an archer that winds up going on to your Diamond Sword.

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I know that I could’ve used this mod a while back. I’d worked long and hard to have a complete set of Diamond gear (Diamond Helm, Diamond Armor, Diamond, Leggings, Diamond Boots, Diamond Sword, and Diamond Pickaxe). I thought I’d give enchanting a try and I had over 60 levels. However, I seemed to keep getting bad enchantments and by the end of the affair, not one of the items I’d enchanted was much better than before I’d started the process. I think the high point was a Diamond Sword with Sharpness II. If I’d known of this mod back then, I’m sure my gear would’ve been a lot more useful.

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