Enchanting Plus Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2

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The Enchanting Plus mod for Minecraft expands the game's basic enchantment system with high degrees of customization. The vanilla system for enchanting items has been designed to obfuscate the nature of the enchantment as well as randomize the level of the effect. This has created a frustrating mechanic in which the game may reward your diligence and skill in keeping yourself alive to preserve your precious experience points with the worst enchantment in that level.

This mod changes all that and expands the ways in which enchants can work.

Enchantment Type and Level Selection

The first thing players will notice is that this mod changes the enchantment table’s interface, allowing for more information to be displayed about the type of enchant you are trying to make. Each parameter can be individually selected and applied to a respective item. This alone makes the mod worthwhile but the inclusion of a level select slider is what really makes this a great addition to the game. Few things hurt worse in Minecraft than saving up a full 30 levels by killing hundred of dangerous monsters, only to have your entire pool of XP expended on a level 1 enchant. This mod allows you to fully customize the level of your chosen enchant, ensuring your hard work and time investment is justly rewarded.

Expanded Possibilities with Unusual Enchant Combinations

With the Enchanting Plus mod for Minecraft you can create new combinations of enchantments that would be exceedingly rare, if not outright impossible, with the vanilla system. As you add each enchant and adjust its individual level slider, the text box will output information relevant to the item you are working with. It will tell you how many levels your custom enchant costs and whether or not it is applicable to the specific item you are attempting to augment. In this way you can create very specific combinations of attributes which are uncommon to the game. A diamond helmet with Fire Protection IV, Protection IV, Feather Falling IV and Blast Protection IV would be more or less impossible in the vanilla game. While a combination such as this can be far more expensive than the game’s default maximum expenditure of 30 levels, such an augmentation is possible and would make the player virtually invincible. The tables also include a repair feature which uses XP to keep those rare and costly items from being destroyed by over use. The Enchanting Plus mod for Minecraft addresses a common complaint in the Minecraft community that the vanilla game’s default handling of enchantments is unfair to players who go the distance to protect their store of experience points through a dangerous world. Giving the you the power to choose the type of enchant, the degree of its power and combinations unique to this mod, this is a must-have addition to Minecraft that you will wonder how you ever did without.

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