Elemental Orbs Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2/1.5.2

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The elemental orbs mod for Minecraft introduces ten orbs to the game which can be crafted and used for various purposes. Like a weapon, the orbs are wielded by the player and casted with a right click. The ten orbs that come with the initial mod are the fire orb, water orb, nature orb, lightning orb, nether orb, explosion orb, ice orb, ender orb, dry orb, and animal orb.

Below, check out a detailed description on three of the most fun and useful orbs that this mod adds to your game.

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Explosion OrbFrom the name alone, there’s no better place to start than the explosion orb. Crafted with an empty orb and four TNT, the explosion orb will leave a massive crater where once was healthy earth. Need some cooked meat? Try it out on cows or pigs. The best part of all: it works on creeps.

Nature OrbSlightly less devastating than the explosion orb, but just as useful, is the nature orb. When casted, the nature orb takes a parcel of desolate land and turns it into a lush forest of flowers, trees, grass, and weeds. It will also turn regular cobblestone into mossy cobblestone, so no more aimless wandering through dungeons to find the perfect rock.

Water OrbWhile the explosion orb is effective at killing creeps, it’s also needlessly destructive. The water orb provides a useful escape route from creeps when you’d like to keep the land intact. When casted, the water orb creates a narrow tower of water that grows higher each time it’s used. This allows the player to escape up into the sky, away from danger. Just make sure that you don’t tumble off.

The elemental orbs mod is a fun and useful addition to Minecraft. Download it and let your creativity blossom further with yet another tool in your world-building arsenal.

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