Elemental Creepers Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.1

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The Elemental Creepers mod is an extension mod to the Creepers Minecraft mod. In the standard Creepers mod, there are mob characters called Creepers who pursue the player until they are within close enough proximity to them to blow up. Once they blow up, they damage or kill the player.

Besides trailing after the player in mobs, Creepers also make their way to other player’s home and automatically blow up to destroy the place. However, the Elemental Creeper mod differs slightly in the way the Creeper characters explode. For example, Elemental Creepers are composed of various different colors that represent different elemental characteristics.

Elemental Creepers Mod Gameplay

The gameplay of the Elemental Creepers mod consists of players controlling Elemental Creepers mods to thwart the goals of the other player. Basically the goal of this mod is to successfully stay alive whilst defeating the enemy. The player may also combine certain materials with specific eggs to make other Elemental Creepers eggs that may hatch.

Elemental Creepers Mod Features

There are a variety of Elemental Creepers including Fire, Earth, Water, Ice, Lightning, Magma, Ghost, Physic, Friendly and Cookie Creepers. All the Elemental Creepers also have their own unique identifiable colors and abilities once they explode. The Water Creepers are blue and explode into puddles of water while the Earth Creepers are brown with green hair and they create a monument out of the ground. Fire Creepers are red and create a circle of fire upon explosion while Ice Creepers are white and they freeze lava, water and create a snowy patch area. The Lightning Creepers are yellowish in color and when they explode, anything nearby is electrocuted.

Physic Creepers are purple in color and have a telekinetic ability to launch items and other players far from their starting point. Magma Creepers are black in color and create a lava pool while exploding which also leaves behind a fire trail. Ghost Creepers are transparent and are capable of inflicting damage to both humans and animals. The Friendly Creeper is pink in color and may be tamed by the player by using gunpowder and feeding them flowers. When tamed, the player may click on the Creeper to create small explosions that don’t cause damage. Lastly, the Cookie Creeper is a fun character that is light brownish with chocolate chip spot markings. This Creeper explodes into showers of raining cookies; although if it is killed it will not emit a cookie shower.

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