Electric Expansion Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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When redstone was initially added to Minecraft, it created a whole new set of opportunities that would have been absolutely impossible before, such as the now famous creation of an entire computer, but it was also confusing because it didn't really add all the features you would expect from proper wiring and electricity.

This is where the electric expansion mod comes in to play, adding all sorts of new things to do with electricity (something initially added by the Universal Electricity Mod).

Moving and Keeping Energy

You see, in real life, science is always finding new ways to transfer and store energy, something that Universal Electricity certainly had in its original form, but wasn’t exactly fleshed out. The first and most important thing that electric expansion adds to the game is voltage. Since you’ll be storing and transferring electricity all over your Minecraft world, you’ll need some sort of way to measure it. , which is of course where voltage comes in. The cables you can build can only handle so much voltage, and the batteries you construct have a limited amount of voltage they can hold as well.

Wiring up your World

Perhaps the most important thing that the electric expansion mod for Minecraft adds is wiring. There are both insulated and uninsulated versions of the following wire types:

  • Copper
  • Tin
  • Silver
  • High Voltage

These wires have a little more functionality than just carrying the energy though. Thanks tot he addition of voltages in this mod, you can connect a multimeter to these wires and see the amount of electricity they are carrying. In addition, you can also create wire switches to create machines.

Crafting Wires

You can create the core of this mod – the wires – in one of two ways. Either you take the traditional way and just craft them on a crafting bench, which is somewhat inefficient, or you can use a machine that this mod adds, the wire mill – which uses up electricity from a nearby generator, but creates the wire more efficiently. In addition, there are some kinds of wire that only be created in the wire mill, such as superconductor wire.

Keeping Things Charged Up

The other major addition that this mod has are Advanced battery boxes. These boxes not only contain more mega-joules than the default battery box, but also have upgrade slots where you can place items that make the battery box even better. Between these advanced batteries and new wiring option, the electric expansion mod is a must have for anyone running Universal Electricity.

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