Easy Crafting Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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The Easy Crafting mod for Minecraft frees the player from the burden of spending large amounts of time to arrange materials into the right position to make items. A new, easy to make crafting table has been added the makes building items a breeze. Simply build it, navigate the menus and enjoy the free time this features gives back.

This is made by arranging a vanilla crafting table with a single piece of redstone and a boo in any pattern. When a player places the new block and clicks this table they will see the traditional interface from the vanilla game has been upgraded substantially. There are two tabs that appear on the side of an expanded menu screen. The first tab allows a player to search the full list of recipes in the game. The other is the key feature of this mod, allowing a player to see the full list of items that can be created based on amounts of what is in their inventory at the time.

Expanded Interface for Quick Crafting

Once a player has found the items they wish to make, the inventory screen will show those which they have the correct amounts of materials to make highlighted with a green background. Those items which the player lacks sufficient items or amounts for will be highlighted in red. Instead of having to arrange materials as in the vanilla tables, players can instead simply drag that item into their own inventory. This greatly speeds up the process of mass producing goods and makes the game a little more convenient.

Spend Less Time Crafting Without Breaking the Game

As with all mods of this type, the Easy Crafting Table mod is best for those who want to ease the burden of dealing with the raw materials so they can be free to spend more time actually building or playing the game according to their personal preferences. As a stand alone mod this is far from game breaking while adding conveniences that wont bog down the launcher. Paired with other such mods that speed up resource acquisition this can quickly turn the game into a builder’s paradise without removing the essential survival elements of the game. As such, this mod is great for those who don’t want to sacrifice the difficulty of weathering the nightly undead raids but do want some of the convenience of a build server or creative mode.

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