Draconic Evolution Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

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While dragons are awesome, powerful creatures, the only thing better than a dragon is being able to tap into that sort of power and to impart it upon your own weapons, tools, and construction plans. That's what this particular mod has to offer interested players.The Draconic Evolution mod for Minecraft adds the following elements to gameplay: Energy Cores.

These can be staggered to create increasingly spacious storage functions.

  • Weather Controller. Right clicking this with an Emerald will charge this device which manipulates redstone signals to control rainfall or create a thunderstorm.
  • Distortion Flame. Placing this item next to a block allows you to see through that block for subterranean reconnaissance.
  • Sun Dial. A connected redstone signal will allow you to alter the flow of time by as swiftly as 30x flow. Stopping the signal will turn the sun dial off.
  • Draconium Ore. Used to create many of the machines and tools of this particular mod. Mining it will produce Draconium Dust which can be converted into ingots by heating it in a furnace.
  • Wyvern Armor Wyvern leggings give you boosted movement speed, while wyvern boots give your jumps an extra boost to height.
  • Draconic Armor The helm gives you darkvision, armor allows you to fly, leggings and boots offer the same tweaks as wyvern gear, and a complete set give you fire immunity.
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