Diamond Buckets+ Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2/1.5.2

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Buckets are one of the most valuable tools in Minecraft. They make it easier to start a farm, create obsidian, and even scale mountains. The Diamond Buckets mod expands on this idea by adding over a dozen new, more versatile bucket types. The first thing you'll notice is that buckets can be made out of a much more diverse list of materials.

Flimsy buckets can be made from wood, stone and cobblestone, and can only hold a liquid for a certain about of time before springing a leak and spilling their contents. Clay buckets don’t have this time limit, but instead have a limited number of uses before breaking.

The Diamond Buckets mod for Minecraft also adds big buckets, which can hold more than your standard iron bucket. Obsidian buckets can hold up to three water or lava blocks, gold buckets can hold four, emerald and quartz buckets can hold five, diamond buckets can hold six, and ender buckets can hold a whopping eight blocks of liquid.

There are also several special buckets that offer additional effects: the explosive bucket can be used to store active TNT, the infernal bucket converts water into fire, and the shimmering bucket can convert lava into experience. If you have additional mods installed that make use of reservoir tanks, you can link the ender bucket to them, allowing it to automatically teleport its contents into the tank each time it’s used.

These buckets can also be used to power furnaces much like standard lava buckets, but because they can hold much more lava, they can last up to eight times longer–over two hours, which is nearly seven Minecraft days.

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