Derpy Sheep Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4

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The derpy sheep mod has the weird and unpractical use of adding big blocked bodies around all your sheep models, making them look ridiculous, dumb, and absolutely absurd. The mod has the tendency to build blue blocks around the sheep, but green and red also apply. The idea is that you sheep look silly and out of place already.

Why not make them even sillier? It is sort of an in game joke with fans of the series who always found sheep breeding and the existence of sheep totally absurd within the game. Not to mention the iconoclastic moniker of sheep (you are a follower- you are a sheep). Few animals emit so much instant absurdly from their very existence, and someone thought ‘why not take that further?’

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Some mods are almost completely irrelevant to your further conquest, discovery, and creation of your land. Like the notorious big head cheat or the mods that distill colors, the derpy sheep mod for Minecraft is as humorous as it is practically useless. But why NOT have it? it is easy to install, and even appears in mutiplayer formats. It is hard to justify a logical reason for not adding on the derpy sheep mod, so this is obviously reason enough.

Minecraft has its fair share of trivial mods, and some of them nab you a quick laugh but it all fades away. For one reason or another, the derpy sheep stand the test of time. Their heads appear small and turtle-like with the mod. It must be the overall look the derpy sheep have, as if epitomizing the very word itself.

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