DayM Guns and Zombies Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

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What is it? The "Daym Guns and Zombies Mod " is pretty much a "Day Z Mod" for MineCraft. It is a server reliant Mod, as the most important mechanic in the Mod is multiplayer interaction, it completely revamps the entire mine craft world, changing your objective of acquiring and constructing to scavenging and killing.

The player runs through pre-spawned maps, trying to gather as much gear as possible, well avoiding murderous zombies, and possibly even players, as the free play style, allows you to team up, or just murder everything you see.The entire weapon system is also overhauled, consisting of primarily guns, with attachment capabilities. You can run around with a Remington housing scope, force brain pray with an AK-47. And with items in short supply conservation is a key concept is actually surviving in this twisted parallel universe of a mod.conclusionI have to say this mod was absolutely brilliant, creating a completely different game out of what was there before. I was able to entertain myself for hours playing with strangers and friends alike, I found myself just as enamored as I was playing the original Day- Z. If you’re those people looking for a change, or if you’re just in zombies, I highly recommend this mod. You won’t be disappointed.

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