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Custom Mob Spawner Mod for Minecraft 1.7.4 / 1.7.2 / 1.6.4 & 1.5.2

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Custom mobs have been hard to implement from various Minecraft mods since the change to biome spawning changes implemented in an earlier patch.

Why You May Need Custom Mob Spawner
The custom mob spawner will allow you to set up your custom mobs. The custom mobs come from other mods that add additional content to Minecraft. This mod also allows you to control where the mobs spawn by placing the spawner at desired location.

How Does This Influence Your Game?
Well for one, you can add any type of creature that has been added via another mod to Minecraft. The mobs can either add different humans to the world, different hostile monsters, or even add more harmless creatures. This allows you to create a unique environment for the world you build in Minecraft. Additional creatures can make a more engrossing world than that which you previously had access to. The more tools you use to create your Minecraft world; the more options you have to go about interacting with your world.

Ideas for Using the Mod
You could make a farm full of animals from all different categories, or you could take a different spin on the harmless farm; you could make a zoo full of different creepers that would trap your enemies. They would then have to fight through the horde of angry creepers!

You can build a variety of interesting world concepts and creations with the addition of custom mobs. Custom mobs add shine to the game when you are beginning to need to add spice to your Minecraft world. Try it out today and have fun with all of the interesting ideas you come up with!

How to download & install:

  1. Download CustomMobSpawner
  2. Place the .Zip into your mods folder.
  3. Enjoy!

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Download Page for Custom Mob Spawner Mod
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