Crossbow Mod 2 for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2/1.4.7

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The Crossbow Mod 2 for Minecraft allows the player character to design and create their own custom crossbows from various materials that are already found within the existing base game. The mod will also allow players to create various and eccentric attachments and munitions for their crossbows, such as flaming bolts!

So if you are feeling in a snipe-happy mood this mod may well be for you.

Getting Started With Crossbow Crafting

Before you will be able to start crafting with the cross bow mod 2 you will need to craft a crossbow crafting bench. This is easily accomplished and will only require, only five wooden planks, three iron ingots and a crafting table. These items are all fairly common and easy to come by so that shouldn’t be hard to accomplish.

Creating Your Bow

To create the base body for any crossbow you will need three sticks, that’s it really – nothing to it. However, the rest of the bow will require a bit more work. First off there is the crossbow limb, this will require three sticks and three pieces of wood, stone, iron or any other usable material. As the rarity of the material used increase both the damage output and range of the respective bow will be increased.

Next there is the crossbow mechanism, this will take five cobblestones (for some reason), two bits of string and two sticks (make sure you stock up on sticks before you do anything with crossbow crafting). Then there is the actual munitions, the bolts. Bolts are the easiest to make and take only a single stick and the respective material you wish the bolt to be made out of (iron, gold, so on). Each single bolt crafted will actually give you eight bolts, so son’t worry about spending hours replenishing your supply.

Lastly there are the attachments, some of these include a flaming attachment and a rapid fire attachment, which basically turns your crossbow into a Gatling gun! So have fun and experiment!

Downloads for Crossbow Mod 2 1.6.4, 1.6.2, 1.4.7

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