CreepyPastaCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

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This mod turns your Minecraft game into a horror film, it puts all of your nightmares right in front of you. This specific mod takes horror to a whole new level with keeping the world dark, very dark. This mod takes stories told by camp fires, myths, urban legends and horrifying emails and puts them in your gameplay.

Yes, that’s right. The serial killer that you were told about at camp, the one you thought was just a story to make you scared. Well, now you have to run from what you once thought was fiction. Thankfully this mod gives you a diaper so you don’t create a puddle.

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How this mod works

To start off, you have to create a computer out of ordinary minecraft items and to do so you’ll need 6 Iron Ingots, 2 Red Stone and 1 Diamond. Place the diamond in the center with a Red Stone on each side then place 3 Iron Ingots on top and bottom and walah, you have created a laptop. Now in order to spawn a serial killer or some other creature you have to place a piece of paper in the laptop. Once you’ve done this, it will print out a random killer. Place this printed paper in your hand and right click then be prepared to either die, fight or run.

The change in gameplay

The Creepypasta Mod makes gameplay much more fun, let’s say you’re tired of the regular mobs. They don’t really scare you anymore. This mod brings back that fear to the game with creatures such as a minecraft version of ‘Slenderman’, Smile Dog and quite a few others. Slenderman, if you’ve never heard of this, it’s a tall faceless person with a suit on that basically will stop at nothing to kill you. Smile Dog looks cute at first, but don’t look at it or it will attack you, its name came from the email that started it; a picture of a dog with a human face, smiling.

Other changes this mod provides

-Unusually dark items such as ‘Dark Dirt’-The sun never comes up, intensifying the horror experience-Creatures that are harder to kill than regular mobs

Bring your fears to life

Have you just watched a horror and wanted to play in the same environment? Well, give this mod a try. Try and spawn all of the possible creatures, you won’t be bored.

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