CrazyOres Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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The Crazyores Mod allows players to enjoy a much wider variety of materials to play around with and to craft things from. Once installed, this mod adds several epic golem monsters, a multi-block furnace, and eighteen new and unique ore types.Beyond the addition of new golem monsters and a furnace that can smelt multiple blocks at a time, the Crazyores Mod for Minecraft adds eighteen new ores to smelt into ingots and equipment; the more noteworthy of which are mentioned below.

Meteorite armor grants fire and lava resistance, while weapons and tools can start fires.

  • Adamite. A bright yellow ore. A complete set of adamite armor grants water-breathing.
  • Tapazite. A light pink ore. A full set of tapazite armor grants blast/explosion resistance and decent armor, but erratically slowed walking movement.
  • Osmonium. A light blue ore. A full set of osmonium armor increases the wearer’s land speed.
  • Starconium. A light purple ore. Starconium shards are used to craft the multipurpose sledgehammer item.
  • Experium. A pale green ore. Drops experience orbs and orbs for enchantment bottles.
  • Demonite. A dark red ore from the Nether pertinent to crafting the “Demonite Furnace.”
  • Invisium. A brown ore from the Nether. Invisium items can grant invisibility for 50 seconds.
  • Ender. A dark blue ore from the End. A full set of ender armor negates any fall damage.
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