Crazy Chunks Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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The crazy chunks mod may not be the most aptly titled, but it does 'chunk' together huge expanses of Minecraft territory, and reorganize the terrain in all new ways. We are all extremely familiar with the basic terrain structure of Minecraft. On the surface is grass and trees. Trees are built upwards to the sky, and the bulk of the game resides down below in hidden mines and odd crevices and crannies.

As you dig deeper and deeper, the rock turns to stone, and diamonds and other rare ores become more common. You eventually run into lava and the world reaches its core.

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Now, the terrain style is intriguing and has created the foundations of one of the most highly customized games in history, it also is worth switching up just a bit.

The crazy chucks mod for Minecraft may not be the best titled mod around, but it does offer an entirely new perspective on the typical terrain of the game. two versions exist in the mod- flat world and biomes. The flat world terrain creator flattens everything out, creating an elongated and rather desert-like world for your exploration.

The more intriguing of the pair is in the biomes. It essentially turns everything upside down. The surface is non-existent, and once hidden mines burrowed many layers deep can now be found bubbling towards the surface and stretched out in the most awkward of ways. Large expansive mines lay sprawling horizontally over the sea, and large biomes exist like high mountainous pillars. The best thing about the mode is that it is fully random, so no world will ever be created in the same way.

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