Crazy BMW Car Mod for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8/1.7.10

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The crazy BMW car mod for Minecraft lets players use a tremendously sharp-looking version of the German vehicle in the game. Compared to the basic appearance of the traditional rectangular minecart vehicle, the 3D BMW that this mod adds features some of the sharpest graphics and textures players will find in the world of Minecraft.

Just as would be the case if you were driving a BMW in real life, being seen behind the wheel of one of these in the game is sure to make your friends just as jealous.

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Real BMW Features

You can be forgiven for spending more than a few minutes admiring some of the many specific details of the BMW X5 model this mod lets you use. A few of the very impressive graphical touches you will notice include:

• Car wheels that actually spin when you are driving, even leaving tread marks on occasion• A steering wheel—complete with BMW logo—that turns when you move the vehicle left or right• Multiple illuminated dashboard lights, including speedometer, GPS system and car stereo• Detailed halogen headlights and taillights• Visible seatbelts• Tinted windows

Fun New Experience for Minecraft Players

Players will have to make a couple of adjustments in the settings in order to make the BMW drivable, but they can also pick their preferred color for the vehicle simply by clicking on the left part of the rear bumper. While the speedometer on the dash of the BMW says that the car has a top speed that exceeds 100 mph, a speed shown in the upper right hand corner of the screen maxes out at about 40 mph. Still, the vehicle moves fast, looks great and is a thrill to drive for any player who uses this mod.

If you have become bored using the standard minecart for your game travel needs, this BMW mod is an exciting new Minecraft option that can almost make you feel like you’re playing a completely different game. There were some glitches in the initial versions of the mod, but the stunning appearance of the X5 usually leaves most gamers in awe. The BMW car mod could well be unlike anything else you’ve tried in Minecraft, and you will not regret checking out this amazing mod.

Downloads for Crazy BMW Car Mod 1.8.1, 1.8, 1.7.10

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