Craftable Spawners Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2/1.5.2

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Since it's conception, one of the greatest challenges in the world of Minecraft has been to find mobs - sure, for the first night you're worried about survival, but after that you need to start finding things to get materials from - and mobs can be the trickiest things to find.

The Craftable spawners mod looks to fix that by allowing any player to create what are called “spawners” – those nasty things you’ll often find in dungeons that spawn endless spiders or some other hostile mob.

What do They Spawn?

The craftable spawners you’ll be making won’t necessarily have to spawn anything nasty – but that is one of their main uses. By creating one of these spawners and placing it somewhere, you have just created an infinitely spawning supply of any of the following mobs:

  • Any Animals
  • All Monsters
  • All Nether Mobs

More or less, if it’s not a boss mob, you can spawn it. Of course, these spawners are absolutely fantastic for either materials such as leather, beef, or wool. In addition, and perhaps far more importantly, this method can also be used to gain huge amounts of XP, indeed infinite amounts of experience.

Balancing it Out

Therefore, there is a very real need for the craftable spawners mod for Minecraft to balance its core function (spawning mobs) with the fact that the mod’s creators have decided to try and keep the game somewhat balanced, which means that people can’t just run around creating spawners. Therefore, the mod’s creators have made the mobs extremely difficult to build, requiring materials that can only be found in a jungle temple to build, as well as a few slightly rare materials that need to drop off a mob of the type mentioned.

A New Kind of Mod

Those materials might seem a bit excessive, but the fact is that you are creating a device that allows you infinite access to a certain type of material or massive amounts of XP. Many mod makers would simply just view this as a “cheat mod”, shove it out the door really quickly and move on, but these people have really done something special by making it at least somewhat fair instead of just letting the player spawn these devices all over the world – give this one a look.

Downloads for Craftable Spawners Mod 1.6.4, 1.6.2, 1.5.2

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