Craftable Mob Spawner Mod for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8/1.7.10

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If you want to test your own mob spawners, this is the mod for you! You can craft any mob spawner you can immagine. Coose between hostile and friendly mobs, anything is possible. Well, you've been working on your dark castle for a month, and have just finished the last touches on the parapets, the all-important evil spikes.

The drawbridge is gloomy, the halls are barely lit, and the gigantic structure is foreboding and wicked in the moonlight…but something’s missing. Where are all the monsters?

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Worry no more future overlord, for with the Craftable Mob Spawner mod you can load the dungeons and hidden rooms of you monstrous mansion with creepers, zombies, spiders and slimes galore. Originally devised and usable as a method for farming xp, the mod allows you to build the same spawners found in the darkest areas of caves and mines lurking below the surface. But no longer will you need the costly silk-touch enchantment to harvest them. The mod allows you the freedom of creating exactly the kind of adventure you would want to have, giving you the ability not only to farm xp from a slaying machine, but also for devising new worlds and challenges for your friends. The spawners can be made to create any kind of monster in the game, from Endermen to Ghasts.

So, level yourself up Emperor of Evil and create the best enchantments for your armor and weaponry, and load your mansion up with legions of the undead and unseemly creatures to do your bidding, and wait for the next unfortunate adventurer to enter your booby-trapped home. All of the evil is now at your fingertips, o Liege of the Lich. It is all possible with the Craftable Mob Spawner.

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