Craft++ Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

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The Craft Mod for Minecraft is the perfect mod for anyone with an excess amount of unwanted and unneeded items cluttering their inventory. The mod revolves around a “Crafting Guide”, which is easily created and then used to reveal every crafting recipe in the game’s database. This means that players have instant access to all crafting formulas, as well as their requirements.

With this mod, players can open countless crafting doors, creating shortcuts to more powerful equipment and better items. Through use of the Crafting Guide, players cut down on unnecessary crafting failure and are also able to make the best of unwanted materials, turning them from wastes of space to useful objects.

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Endless Possibilities!By using the Crafting Guide, players have access to all possible crafting recipes—including recipe variants. The guide alerts players with an asterisk when a variation recipe is available. These variant recipes mean that players can use a variety of “sister items” to create the items. For example, an asterisk will show beside a recipe if multiple wood types can be used, or if any available ores can be used.

Easy Use!Although the Crafting Guide window has a default setting, players can adjust the window to suit their personal tastes and needs. The potential crafting list is also easy to navigate, and includes a search option for specific items or blocks.

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