Coterie Craft Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.6.2/1.5.2

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Coterie Craft is one of the most popular Minecraft texture packs around. It is a 16x, low-resolution texture pack designed to make the original Minecraft textures more interesting. Also known as “the new default,” Coterie Craft enhances and updates the boring 16-bit look of the original textures and gives them a higher-resolution feel. This is a good texture pack for slower computers that can't run high-resolution textures, or as a replacement pack for people who like the default but wish it was more interesting.

Minecraft user Cpt. Corn took over the project and regularly released updates to the texture pack community. His changes to Quandary Texture Pack became so popular that he split off and formed his own project. Coterie Craft now comes in two flavors: Coterie Craft Original, a “neo-faithful” remake of the Minecraft default textures, and Coterie Craft RPG.

Coterie Craft Original

Coterie Craft Original sticks to the spirit of the default Minecraft look but creates a darker, richer atmosphere. The environment tiles, weapons, armor, and items have all been edited to be more colorful than the Mojang default textures. Shading techniques give everything a smoother feel without the need to install an HD texture mod. Coterie Craft Original contains all of the changes made to the Quandary Texture Pack while Cpt. Corn was in charge as well as a completely original GUI. It includes textures borrowed from the Painterly Pack. Bonemouse, creator of the Isabella pack, contributed the artwork.

Coterie Craft RPG

Coterie Craft RPG is a compilation of textures pulled from some of the most popular role-playing texture packs: DokuCraft, John Smith, Wayukian Pack, and more. It is an eclectic collection that blends some of the best elements of each pack, giving Minecraft a medieval fantasy feeling. Even though the textures come from more than 10 individual packs, Coterie Craft RPG manages to look and feel consistent. Similar to Coterie Craft Original, textures appear cleaner, with richer colors and shading effects. This pack is perfect for low-resolution medieval builds. Like many popular texture packs, Coterie Craft RPG is a work in progress. However, it remains popular within the Minecraft community with over 40,000 downloads.

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