Computer Craft Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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Become the next Minecraft Bill Gates by using this mod. You can use redstone in a much more advanced ways and build computer-like programms. Computer Craft is a mod for Minecraft that adds a computer and accessories to the game. Not just a decoration! This is a fully functional computer with an implementation of the Lua programming language and a robot to go with it.

The robot can be programmed using the computer.

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Computing within your computer!

The computer can be crafted with stone, redstone, and a glass pane. The screen will greet you with “CraftOS 1.1.” Type “help” for a short tutorial. The system is like a Unix shell. The “edit” program lets you write your own programs.

The system uses the Lua programming language, popular for its compact design and ease of embedding in smartphones.

So what can it do?

You can also craft robots, called “turtles.” Turtle robots can be equipped with equipment and set to work on various tasks, from mining to farming to even crafting items. They can even be equipped with weapons and sent to defend your base for you.

What’s the limit?

Only your imagination! It’s conceivable that you could…

  • Create a robot factory that builds more robots to set up more robot factories.
  • Automate tasks for large-scale precision engineering.
  • Set up an automated mining camp.
  • Invade the Nether with your mighty clone army!

Computercraft Mod for Minecraft is definitely no ordinary mod. It’s both a great way to learn programming and a new way to look at Minecraft.

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