Colorful Armor Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2/1.6.4/1.5.2

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The building blocks of Minecraft are more than just the pixilated wood and stone you get somewhat early on. Beneath all that is the fanciful and ever-rare elements of gold, diamond, iron, and chain that you often find lurking beneath the surface of this crafted world. This latest colorful armor ad allows you to color your armor based on a rather simple dying process.

These pivotal elements make up your levels of armor in the game. By dying the materials, you end up with an armor that is color customized. Colors include blue, gray, red, yellow, and brown. One of the most fascinating elements of the colorful armor mod for Minecraft is the ability to mix and match colors. This essentially creates a full range palette for your viewing pleasure.

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The practical attributes of the mod are obvious. There is nothing like a customized color feature, and when it comes to the simplest customizations, color choices tend to be number one. The mod makes it easier for color modifications, and allows you to craft a full color spectrum for your valued armor creations. A Minecraft fan knows how valuable a great piece of armor can be. Without it, they are left vulnerable in the darkest underbellies of the games core. But with the right diamond-crafted armor, they find life amidst some of the largest obstacles. But with the right armor, and more appropriately- the right colored armor, you find life in the dark belly of the beast. This colorful armor mod adds life to the breadth of customization, a feature that is as essential as sheep-breeding, iron casting, and shovel digging.

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