Cobalt Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2/1.5.2

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The main ores in the game are vital and create the basic building blocks of the entire Minecraft universe, but this mod adds the new and ore cobalt. Cobalt's main defining feature is one of balance. It helps to fill in that large gap between the moderately durable and useful iron and the ridiculously rare and unparalleled diamond.

Iron is relatively common. It creates modest armor, and when crafted into a tool, it creates somewhat competent digging tools. But the break quickly, and you are left scrounging for new iron tools. Diamond, on the flipside, is the cream of the crop. As an ore, it creates the diamond based swords which stand the test of time and other tools that are simply phenomenally effective.

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What Minecraft lacks is a medium between these two classes. The cobalt mod for Minecraft adds cobalt to the list, acting as the middle ground. It is found just above diamond depth-wise, and it is overall more durable than iron. Cobalt tools do not have high levels of enchantability, and are overall less protective than diamond as armor. In all, it is a perfect middle ground between the two classes.

Its inclusion into the game through the mod adds a complexity and overall fairness that is somewhat lacking. It is not just a joke mod. It really is useful in so many ways. Minecraft is about growth, and the game is more fluid and structurally sound with the inclusion of the brightly glowing cobalt ore. it performs like any other ore. You can create ore blocks, mold them in a furnace, or create any number of tools or armor for growing in the game.

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