Clay Soldiers Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2/1.5.2

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The Clay Soldiers Mod for Minecraft is a unique mod which allows the player to create large armies of clay soldiers which can then be used to engage in large-scale battles. It offers a bevy of options for creation and customization, providing a potentially endless supply of entertainment. As the name suggests, the core of the Clay Soldiers Mod is the soldiers themselves.

Combining one block of clay with one block of soulsand results in the creation of four clay soldiers; the number of soldiers available is only limited by the player’s resources. Once they are created, a simple right-click releases them onto the battlefield, where they will spread out and slowly wander the land. Because of their slow movement speed, low jumping abilities, and their inability to climb more than a single block, the soldiers are unlikely the stray too far from where the player decides to place them, making enormous battles easier to manage.

Stage Epic Battles

Because clay soldiers are pitifully weak against anything but each other, the optimal use for them is war against other clay soldiers. All soldiers start out grey, but colored dyes will change their appearance as well as their allegiance. While grey soldiers remain neutral unless attacked, every other color of clay soldier will group together to wage war against the others. This allows a player to set up everything from a pitched battle between two superpowers all the way to a chaotic and brightly-colored free-for-all. Best of all, there is no need to waste resources, since a dead clay soldier will be dropped on the ground in the form of a doll that can be picked up an resurrected at will.

Customize Your Army

Besides color differences, the mod allows for dozens of different customization options for each clay soldier. Sticks and leather become weapons and armor, while a gold nugget can be used to declare a clay king. Create cavalry units by giving clay soldiers dirt horse mounts, or add gunpowder to turn a soldier into an explosive! Clay soldiers can even use stacks of logs to build houses. Each update brings more variety to this mod, opening the doors to a dizzying amount of nuance and strategy for anyone who desires it. All told, Clay Soldiers is an incredibly entertaining mod. Everything from peaceful, self-sustained clay townships to hectic, all-out warfare between clay nations can be achieved with minimal resource use and without extensive time commitments. The ability to create and destroy entire miniature armies in the player’s own back yard is a welcome addition to Minecraft, and well worth taking a look at.

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