Clay Soldier Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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Build different soldiers out of clay, that will fight against each other. The color of the soldiers determines, which soldiers will fight against each other. The Clay Soldiers Minecraft mod lets you build and upgrade armies of tiny clay soldiers. You can use basic Minecraft items like clay to create and upgrade your armies, then watch while they fight it out!

Determining a color for each soldier is as simple as using a colored dye on them. Once you have soldiers of two or more different colors in a single area, the battle begins and only the best-equipped soldiers can prevail.

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Upgrading your soldiers is what really makes the mod exciting– you can use a variety of in-game items to perform upgrades:

• Sticks can be given to soldiers as weapons. This increases the attack strength of the soldier by .5 to 1 heart until it breaks.• Leather is a clay solder’s armor of choice, protecting them for 15 hits.• Any food you can eat can also be given to your soldiers!• Gold nuggets can be used to declare a leader for each color army. Armies will follow their assigned leader and stay by him until their death.• Glowstone can make your soldiers glow in the dark for massive nighttime battles.• Soldiers given gunpowder will explode violently when they die, damaging other soldiers and objects around them.• Sugar will grant soldiers a full minute of hyperactivity, causing them to run around wildly.• Soldiers with clay lumps can revive other soldiers, allowing the battle to carry on for longer.• Dirt and Soulsand can be mixed to create a fully functioning horse for your soldier to ride into battle. Mounted soldiers are granted increased health and offensive abilities.

The soldiers in this mod are amazingly lifelike. They’re capable of taking stacks of wood that you provide for them and constructing fortresses from it, in addition to several other cool behaviors. Similarly colored soldiers will work cooperatively to defeat their enemies, making the ensuing battles a blast to watch and partake in.

If you want to join in the fun yourself, don’t be afraid to roll a few heads. When a soldier falls, he drops as an item so he can quickly be placed back into the field of battle without you having to gather anymore clay or resources. This makes the mod a blast to play, as there’s no time wasted rebuilding more soldiers!

What makes the Clay Soldiers mod great is the new dimension it adds to Minecraft. Because the soldiers can be configured and upgraded in so many ways, this mod adds hours of fun to the game. By building upon Minecraft’s existing sandbox gameplay style, the Clay Soldiers mod fits well into the existing game dynamic while also opening up tons of new possibilities and hours of fun.

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