Clash of Clans Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

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The Clash of Clans Mod for Minecraft is still a work in progress, but its final form is much-anticipated by quite a few Minecraft players. You need FORGE 1.7.10 IS to play it. There are a lot of plans and feedback ideas in the works, like giant forts, dragons, etc.

So far, the main elements are three:

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  • Barbarian marauders
  • Cannons
  • Archers


Barbarians are programmed to attack the cannons. They are bare-skinned and uncivilized-looking- true to form. In fact, they even wear a toothy grin. It is easy to spawn huge barbarian hordes and set up a vast battle scene.


The cannons can be spawned in long rows or in tight defensive formations. Work them into the walls of forts to create a truly tough-to-take defensive position. The cannons sit on stilts and pivot. They automatically shoot at any barbarians they see. Their cannon balls sail through the air and smash their targets to pieces.


Archers are a more recent addition to the mod. They are a little bit faster than the barbarians, and can, therefore, out-maneuver them. They can volley the poor barbarians to death and then speed away from them. We look forward to the rest of this mod coming out, but we do hope things get more fair for the barbarians!

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