CJB X-Ray Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.5.2

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About CJB’s x-ray mod for Minecraft: Cjbs x-ray mod is basically a mod that contains several mods. This is an awesome addition to minecraft lovers. The mod allows us to manipulate a number of features such as x-ray vision, teleportation, mini-map options as well as hot key options to activate these features.

Also we can use the mod to specifically locate only the blocks we want. This eliminates the unnecessary discovery of materials we do not wish to find. You can simply go into the options menu and highlight in red the blocks we do not wish to find. Once you have done this, you can then turn on your x-ray vision and you will only see the materials you are looking for. This helps us to cut down on the amount of time we spend searching for the right spot to start excavation.

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Menu Options:Although using the x-ray feature may seem overwhelming, we can use it to see through blocks that we’ve set to invisible in the settings tab. You can also activate this feature by pressing hot key “X”. Use this feature to your advantage. You can enable your cave vision feature by pressing hot key “Z”. You can enable your night vision feature by pressing hot key “N”. There is also a teleportation mod that comes with cjb’s package. The teleport mod is for single player mode only, but it’s cool because it allows you to save your current location and tactically insert yourself back to that very same spot during your gameplay. I personally love this feature. Cjb’s mod also has a mini-map feature that allows you to manipulate four different zoom levels. The mini-map shows other players, items, mobs and also has a waypoint indicator. Use all these features to your advantage by downloading cjb’s X-ray mod. Below are is a list of all the great advantages that come with the mod.• X-ray vision• Cave vision• Teleportation• Mini-map features

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