ChocoCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.5.2

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Before you ask, no this is not a chocolate mod. This mod adds Chocobos. In case you did not know, chocobos are land-birds that can be used as a mount. They are sort of like colorful ostriches, only a lot less ugly and mean. Sure, with the recent Minecraft update, players can tame and ride horses.

Still, chocobos have the advantage over horses because they are not only faster, but can also have special abilities. Chocobos can be used for more than just a mode of transports. Depending on what the player does, chocobos can be farmed for their meat and feathers or they can act like a pet, following the player and fighting monsters.Not only that, but Chocobos come in a number of different types.

Chocobo Colors and Abilities

  • Yellow: Average, no special skills
  • Green: Can climb blocks
  • Blue: Can cross water quickly
  • White: Climb and cross water, only faster
  • Black: Jump high, climb, cross water, even faster
  • Gold/Pink/Red: Fastest chocobos, can also fly and do not take fall damage
  • Purple: Fly as well, only slower, they also are immune to fire and lava

Taming a Chocobo

Chocobos can be tamed much like a wolf or cat. That is, when you find a wild chocobo, feed them some “gysahl greens” (which is a new plant added by the mod). Hearts and a red collar will appear when the chocobo has been tamed.Once tamed, the chocobo will behave much like a cat or dog and follow the player around. However, players can equip their chocobo with a saddle. Once saddle, the chocobo behaves more like a horse. Players can then ride their chocobo by right clicking it.Tamed chocobos can be bred by the player as well, much like cows and sheep. Some chocobo types, such as gold, can only be obtained through breeding.

Downloads for ChocoCraft Mod 1.6.4, 1.5.2

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