Chicken Bones Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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One of the more curious and hilarious mods available to Minecraft players has got to be the Chicken Bones Mod. Through careful and judicious use of chicken bones, players can craft explosives, weapons, wings, food items, and even humongous creatures. The Chicken Bones Mod for Minecraft makes use of chicken bones to craft a rather impressive, and amusing, array of items.

These include:

  • Chicken Staff. Hitting a chicken with the chicken staff will place it into your inventory.
  • Egg Staff. This fires eggs in as fast as you can click.
  • Chickaxe. This is a chicken bone pickaxe that clucks like a chicken with every swing.
  • Chicken Nuggets. These recover half a notch of hunger.
  • Egg Bomb. These special eggs are thrown in an arc and produce a large explosion upon impact.
  • Chicken Wings. Holding right click allows you to move very fast, and even fly. However, you can still take falling damage.
  • Chicken Beak. You will automatically consume chicken nuggets when this is equipped.
  • Elec-Chick Staff. This calls down thunderbolts that burn non-chickens and changes chickens into huge “Mother Clucker” boss enemies. Mother Cluckers detonate if exposed to fire or lava.
  • Chick’n’T. These are TNT blocks that produce chickens, then detonate 5 seconds later.
  • Chicken Chest Accesses the second-fourth rows of your inventory. They’re quite useful for multiplayer gameplay sessions.

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