Chest Finder Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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Minecraft is a game that rewards exploration as much as it does construction, which can lead to a number of problems. The Chest Finder mod is a client side program for Minecraft which seeks to alleviate a few of these problems by making chests viewable through solid objects. Simple Design, Easy to Use Virtually everyone who has played the game for more than an hour has experienced the thrill, and the misery, of getting lost after wandering too far from you base.

Unless you had the foresight to record your spawn coordinates or don’t mind losing whatever you have in your inventory while purposely dying to respawn, you may be out of luck. This mod puts you back in the game with a simple function that works great. It highlights chests around the player, shading the blocks with bright primary colors to make them standout from the background environment. As you can see them through other objects in relation to your game’s draw radius, you can easily navigate back to your build.

This mod is designed to be simplistic for ease of use, though there are other potential applications. Servers with the Chest Finder Mod for Minecraft will benefit Ops who may need to keep an eye on players suspected of spawning items illegally. It can also be very helpful for finding both dungeons and abandoned mines. The former is often relatively difficult to come across, requiring luck more than anything. With this mod, you will find dungeons around you quickly as virtually all of them contain chests.

This is a mod for anyone who likes ease of use and clear utility. It addresses a few common problems players experience and does so with a clean, intuitive interface.

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