Cheat Pack Mod for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8/1.7.10

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The Cheat Pack Mod is a mod you can download if you want to play MineCraft without the regular restrictions and rules of the game. In fact, this Cheat Pack Mod allows you set your own rules when it comes to your character, items, weapons and more through the addition of a GUI when you open up your inventory.

The advantages you will have playing in this mod are almost endless. With this mod you have the ability to add any item you want or need to your inventory. You can also set your own levels for food and health. Additionally you can enchant any weapon to your own specifications. There are also many more cheats that this mod allows you to use to set your own experience, potion effects, and more.

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Another great thing about this mod is it opens up all new modes you can use when playing. Some of these modes are invulnerable mode, which allows you to be invulnerable to all zombies. When killer sight mode is on it allows you to instantly kill zombies by just looking at them. Lastly GUI pausing game mode stops zombies from attacking you when using the menu or inventory GUIs. In conclusion, the Cheat Pack Mod is the perfect to use when you want to play MineCraft without any limits.

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