Chatlog To File Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2/1.5.2

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Chat logs in Minecraft are a very useful feature for players to share information with each other for many different reasons. For one, players often need to purchase or trade items, weapons, food items, as well as many other materials. Also, players need to be able to chat with each other for venturing on quests, and of course for general chatting about whatever they would like.

The chat screen of the Minecraft mods only allow a certain amount of chat logs to be displayed on the screen, with the ability to scroll through a certain amount of the screen until the chat logs start to disappear.

The Chatlog to File mod for Minecraft is a helpful mod that saves chat logs automatically to the computer so that they can be accessed at any time the individual wishes. The Chatlog to File mod saves the chat history to a “chat logs” folder, which is located in the .minecraft directory. There are also many other beneficial features of this mod as well that include the ability to customize the chat log settings.

The standard features of the Chatlog mod for Minecraft consists of saving all the chat logs automatically to one class file; there is the ability to save the chat logs in various different colors; the mod is compatible with most of the other Minecraft mods, and the chat logs are also timestamped so they can be easily found. Furthermore, an advantage of using this mod is that it does not notify the server that the logs are being saved from chat.

Many configurations can also be done with this mod which dictate the amount of chat logs that are saved, and also what color themes to use for the saved chat logs. In order for the maximum amount of logs that are stored to be set, the person may edit the “-max_logs:” file. If the setting is at zero, the mod will store the current day’s chat logs. Meanwhile, if the “-max_logs:” is set to -1, then the chat logs stored will be indefinite.

Additionally, the “-color_pack”: option will allow the individual to specify which color pack that they would like to have associated with their chat logs. If they choose zero, the color pack will be set to default. Meanwhile, setting the value to one will set the color theme to dark.

While these are the only settings to configure, there are still some who might experience black screens or crashes of the game because of possibly deleting important files, such as the “META-INF” folder. This can be caused by one of two things, and is easily fixed as well.

For one, the individual should see whether or not they have deleted the “META-INF” folder from their .minecraft folder; if the folder was deleted, they will need to restore the folder with the appropriate Minecraft mod “META-INF” folder into the .minecraft directory. Following these configurable tips will ensure that the player is able to store their chat logs and access them properly.

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