Castle Defenders Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.1

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The Castle Defenders mod on Minecraft is just what it sounds like, you defend your castle. It is super fun and a great change of pace. You place differnt mobs that are friendly to you but will help you fight off unfriendly mobs. Archer Knight Mercenary Mercenary Archer Mage Before you are able to spawn an archer or a knight you must first craft a block for them to spawn on.

This makes him great to place on something high to arch oncoming enemies.

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The knight will move around and attack all unfriendlies.

The mercenary takes a bit more, you will need to go around your world to find a Mercenary post and hire him. You hire him by giving him a gold ingot. He has a right click option so that he can either follow you and fight for you, or stay and wait.

The mercenary Archer, he is just like the other Mercenary except he uses a bow.

The mage can be spawned if you have a medallion and an enemy mage spawner.The mage will set your enemies on fire and they are also able to strike them with lightning.

To create a mage spawner you will need a Medalion.

The Medallion is an item found inside enemy castles. All of your friendly mobs, or defenders will follow you if you hold it. Like animals following wheat, carrots, or seeds.

After you defeat 3 enemy castls you are then able to unlock another charatcer to help you. This character is very important and extremly handy! This is a healer. A healer will do just what his name suggests, he will heal you if you right click him.

All non player characters are able to advance in levels and therfor get stronger and better abilities and more health. So fight on and fight a lot. Get those levels up and build an army that no one can defeat!

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