Cartoon Weapons Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10/1.7.2

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What is it? The cartoon sword mod, brings the weapons of famous cartoon characters into mine craft. The are craft-able by the player themselves, using items that already exists within the game. This takes all of your favorite characters and makes their favorite weapon available to you. Crafting weapons is kind of like pulling all the right resources together for recipe, some are harder to make the numbers.

For example one can be made with dirt and tree wood, where as others need diamond and gold. The swords come from various cartoons including but not limited to The Regular Show and Naruto. Each of the weapons as an attack damage bonus ranging from 3 to 25. Weapons are all very well drawn, and the effort that went into making this mod, definitely presents itself within the quality. There is argument as to who actually made the mod but Shadow seems to be the favorite.

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A Few ExamplesA few recognizable swords are as follows: Falchion, Grim’s Scythe, Espadita azulica, Sasukes Sword, Tensa Zangetsu, Monado Sword, Incursio, the Sword Forge, Scarlet 4D, Samuri Jack’s Sword, Sword of Omens, Finn’s Root Sword, Jack’s Sword, Finn’s Demon Sword, the Barbarian Sword, XeonDemon Blade. Amongst many others.

Novelty ValueCertainly the sheer number of additions add to the novelty value when playing the game, I for one found myself trying to craft as many of the swords as possible to fund my favorite only to give up an hour in. That being said even if you just want to use your favorite character’s sword this mod is worth it, bringing in a wide variety just in case you get bored.

Downloads for Cartoon Weapons Mod 1.7.10, 1.7.2

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