Carpenter’s Slope Mod for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8/1.7.10

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The carpenter's slope mod adds new shapes into Minecraft. The main shape that is added to the game is slopes. However, you can customize exactly what kind of shape the slope takes. There are a total of 46 slope types added to the game. The slopes can also be textured with any texture that is in the game.

It’s a brand new shape type. Minecraft is well known for having only blocks and rigid shapes in the game, so this is something very new and interesting. One of the best things about this mod is that you no longer have to use stairs to make a roof for a house you make. You can actually make a proper roof. Just as a basic example, you could build a house out of wooden planks and then use oak wood to create a house with a tan exterior and a nice curved dark brown roof. The shapes also add a new ability to create new sculptures. You can create pyramids and make better creative constructs in the game with the new shapes.

The recipe for the slope is 8 sticks arranged on the outer edges in a crafting table window. It’s the same recipe for a wooden chest but with sticks instead of wooden planks. To add a texture to the slope you simple place a slope. Then you just select block or the item that you want the slope to be textured with and right click the slope with the item selected. The slope will also maintain any lighting properties of the texture when it is placed. This means you can create a glowing pyramid out of glow stone ore. The slope also has the characteristics of stairs, so you can walk up and down the sides of it. Hold down the sneak key and right click the slope to change its shape. This mod is great for creative builders and people who want more shapes to use in Minecraft.

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