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Car Mod for Minecraft 1.7.4 / 1.7.2 / 1.6.4 & 1.5.2

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Are you sick of running around in minecraft? How about having a car, that brings you anywhre you want? Thats exactly what the car mod enables you to do. You can craft cars, that you can drive around. Let the cruising begin!

Car Mod for MineCraft allows you to craft and drive mine carts that do not need rails, so it is just like you are driving a car. This mod allows you the convenience of the fast transport of a cart with the freedom to go wherever you want. All you have to do is craft 2 wheels and an engine, once you have crafted those, you will add 2 iron bars and a chest to craft the car.

Once you have crafted the car you can get inside and drive by fueling it with coal. When driving the car can be driven forwards, backwards and side to side, as well as the car can also go up one block level at a time. You can also drive up hills and destroy certain objects like small bushes and trees by crashing into them. While small crashes are harmless, you should keep in mind that big crashes while traveling at faster speeds will cause damage to your health.

You will find that when driving the car you are able to travel around the world at a lot faster speed than walking. Additionally, the car offers a cool, smooth ride for the driver. In conclusion, the Car Mod is perfect if you want to travel MineCraft a little faster, with a little more ease, and with a lot more style.

How to download & install:

  1. Download the Car Mod
  2. Download Modloader
  3. Open the Minecraft.jar file
  4. Delete the META INF folder
  5. Put the mod loader files in Minecraft.jar
  6. Run Minecraft and then go back to Minecraft.jar
  7. Put the car mod zip into the mods folder
  8. Done, run Minecraft and enjoy

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    Download Page for Car Mod
    • DjSebas

      works in minecraft 1.4.2??

    • help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      the car mod 1.3.2 why wont it let me go into the cars inventory i press c but it doesnt work

      • ExtraManYoZ

        Check Your Controlls Man, That Just What Happen To Me I Just Check My COntrolls And It Says ‘X’

        • Daniel Oakley

          Make sure Forge isn’t installed on it

    • eragon

      can i use forge modloader

    • eirikchester

      how to download what to click

    • terenceflyer

      that crash my minecraft after i used a car… what can i do ?

    • Yesman

      I need help !! i’m french and i press c and nothing happens please heeeellp !!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/anderson.arkona Anderson Martins

        me too

        • http://www.facebook.com/tyler.sarcone Tyler Sarcone

          same here

          • gtr5568

            try press x

    • Shawn

      get in the car then press c or check your controls

    • CoolNed

      fuckers this is a fake!!!!!!!!

      • stelianminer

        I totaly agree with you

      • HEROBRION!!!!!!

        no it is not fake

        • Connor

          it doesent seem to work.

    • carl

      i must get the to many items for thismod?

    • Angry Dutchman

      It isnt compatible with 1.4.6 please update the mod I enjoy using it before

    • HELP

      i get in car and press “C” and nothing happens, next i check controlls and nothin is on “C” pls help me

      • Daniel Oakley

        This is because if you have Minecraft Forge on, it will corupt it, download risguami’s modloader from the mcforums, or if you find c.class try deleting that but yourminecraft might brake!

    • stelianminer

      I downloaded the mod but Icant play minecraft. So it looks like it sucks. Who agree with me?

      • Connor

        I agree.

      • DiamondGaming2

        I agree

        • user

          I agree

          • cheese

            i agree

            • Yo face


            • penguin


            • ali

              yep i also agree

      • legobun MC

        dude remmember to make the minecraft.jar folder back into a minecraft.jar file

      • Steve

        You are obviously a dumbass, if you haven’t tried it how do you know it sucks idiot?



      • overlord7987

        you probably didn’t delete meta-inf its in jar u have 2 delete it

      • tengis

        i agree dude never works but not showing black screen mine is crashing

    • Tezzar123

      I hope an update comes out soon. There are currently no car mods for 1.4.7 (except for that buggy BMW Crazy car).

      • Unriashol

        But that mod doesnt work either for me ! I just get 2 circles on the ground when I try to place the Bmw !

    • DAvid_anton

      emm perdones pero como hago si tengo mas mods instalados? con el api y si pongo el mod loader no funciona?

    • 1.4.6?


    • nurulatiqah

      how do you guys download i can’t :C

    • nurulatiqah


    • nurulatiqah


    • nurulatiqah

      i got all the tuxepaks

    • nurulatiqah

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    • nurulatiqah

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    • nurulatiqah

      bye guys again :C

    • ModKing

      doesnt work for me !

    • frusterated

      this thing isn’t working for me

    • short-tempered

      i cant use the mod

    • JackFrostMiner(FAKE)

      this mod doesn’t work on my minecraft i wonder why…

    • minecraftownsroblox

      wtf when i was opening minecraft with the mod my screen was black

    • runocraft.com

      you are a fuckking NOOB.

      plugins is OK its working BUT we cant drive -.- just standing still.

      problem is: I have tryed ALL type of Buttoms now on my keyboard and it will not DRIVE.

      SÅ tell me what have u done with the update ?

      tell os megaic words that will let us drive please.
      becouse No buttom working on it.

      YES i write the commands right too.

      • minecraftpro

        it works go to controls and it will say at the bottom acclerate key stop….

      • http://www.facebook.com/milan.gammer Milan Gammer

        press c and use coal as fuel


      it works if you downgrade to 1.4.5

    • cheese

      it din’t work, minecraft crashed

    • bubbz

      i STINKIN agree

    • mcmuu

      I agree

    • daniel_s02

      has anyone made this mod work

    • daniel_s02


    • Tom gaatjeniksaan

      i agree

    • jumbopig

      how do i get it onto my minecraft?

    • Justin

      I agree

    • MinerTech90

      How do I craft?

    • vghvgjvbhvbj

      wheres modloader?

    • MinecraftMaster

      I guess i have to agree

    • Xico

      This isnt’t working with Minecraft 1.5

    • Pusit Iamsuk

      I downloaded it but it won’t work! I’m tring to do any way.I download Minecraft from many links From google for all day(from11.00am to 00.30am) 2 days!!!!.It’s was a very long time,So I give up to do it.Please do not fake.

    • Niet waar xD

      I agree

    • KyleCreel123

      its outdated idiots, i used to have the mod and it was awesome, it wont work now

      • bin4555

        no need to be rude

    • Adijas

      Good mod (;

    • JeffreyCraft

      i dont now the controls of the streetcar can someone help me?

    • JeffreyCraft

      its a supercar but i cant ride in it

    • JeffreyCraft

      i dont now the controls i have the mod THX helcopter mod and i have forge modloader

    • JeffreyCraft

      ……………………..and again………………………i now how to place coal……………………….i can ride it……………………………i cant believe it……………..I CAN RACE ON MULTIPLAYER im soooooooo happy now

    • m

      i agree

    • mattho789



      its for 1.5.1 i think not 1.5.2

    • michael

      can it be forge mod loader?

    • Robert Andrei Durlan

      Black screen!

    • hi

      you are stupid learn how to install a modloader. once its installed just put the zip into the mods folder in your .minecraft. if there is no mods folder just make one and then run minecraft and play.

    • HEjsa


    • mindy

      i am going to muder you

    • 2413413


    • not for you lol

      where is the download link?

    • xXMobananaXx

      It crashed in 1.6.2 minecraft! How can I do? :(

      • Luthfan

        Just get the mod out

    • Nick Bryan

      Download the cracked version of 1.6.2 then installed the minecraft 1.6.2 forge

    • Nick Bryan

      The minecraft 1.6.2 forge installed in 1.6.2 launcher

    • somebody

      din’t work wtf

    • clocks24

      still crashes 1.6.2 don’t waste your time

    • keaton


      • Anthony

        You need mod loader can you read?

    • lol


    • Madbeast

      what modloader?

    • usuck


    • mad person

      WTF delete this f*cking website every mod i try to download it makes me wait 30 seconds and all i get is a page that doesnt exist! You need to stop that or just delete this site because is useless

    • guy

      it worked thank u

    • billy_hoze_website

      Yes, doesn’t work…assuming mod needs update to 1.6.2 Not going to even bother with older MC releases to try and get working. I’ve noticed this website is notorious for giving blanket compatibility info and install instructs. bad submission requirements I take it. Hose it plz.

    • Rainbow Dash

      Ok, when will the official 1.6.2 version of this mod be released?

    • Finn Rovira


    • Hiya

      WOO! Trying It Out Now!

    • ToyBox2013


    • mariocraft600

      hello can any1 awnser
      every time I place the car down minecraft crashes!!
      plz dood’s

    • Minecraft Master


    • Owner Of Forge


    • stampylongnose’s 1st fan

      dam nooooooooooo