Buildcraft Additional Pipes Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4

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The Additional Pipes mod serves as an expansion pack of sorts to the original Buildcraft mod for Minecraft. When installed along with Buildcraft this permits the crafting of several different useful new pipe types, which in their turn give players scope for new creativity in map and building design. The mod itself is quite simple.

When installed, the player is immediately able to craft nine new types of pipe, which fall roughly into three general categories of pipe. Firstly, the mod includes three different pipe types which allow instant teleportation of items, liquids and power, respectively, as well as a teleport tether block which can be used to keep more complex teleportation pipe systems running smoothly.Two more types are “advanced” wooden and insertion pipes; the wooden pipes will only transport types of items designated by the player, while the insertion pipe can tell whether a chest it is linked to is full and can begin filling a second chest instead if one is available. Finally, two more pipes will send a redstone signal to an adjacent block if an item or liquid is transported through them, giving players more options for complex redstone programming.

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Between the new options created by these pipe types and all the options offered players within the original Buildcraft mod, this Additional Pipes mod allows players with big plans to expand their systems even further while allowing simplification of already-complex programming and structures. With a combination of the new pipe options, even basic mining and item transportation can be made more streamlined and reliable.

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