Boxes Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2/1.5.2

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The boxes mod for Minecraft allows you, once installed, to make use of cardboard boxes. These cardboard boxes can contain up to eighteen stacks of items and can be put down, picked back up, and interacted with without interrupting your graphic user interface (you can see the boxes' contents appear above the window of your own backpack's contents).

Cardboard Boxes can also be used to store items in some form of factory, such as through various other mods. If there’s a way to place items into it, the Cardboard Box can become a veritable battery of items. Just place it at the end of your feat of engineering until you have the given number of needed items, break the box up, then take it (and all of its contents) along with you.One aesthetic drawback to the Cardboard Box mod makes itself known when you try to stack them on top of each other. While you can easily stack up Cardboard Boxes, the effect you get is that boxes above the first level effectively “hover” a noticeable degree above the lower level boxes. This same gap applies when putting boxes side by side and can be attributed to the pixel dimensions of the box being less than the dimensions of a standard element.

  • Usage.Simply hovering your cursor over a given Cardboard Box within your inventory will display all of its contents via its special Content Tips (all of the contents appear within the GUI and are displayed within a brown box submenu). The Cardboard Box item is not a static object and is actually programmed with its own animation. When opening/closing a Cardboard Box, the animation shows the top panels being opened up or closed shut as appropriate.A Cardboard Box has a maximum inventory space of 18 (2 rows by 9 columns), two thirds of your regular inventory zone. While this might not seem like a lot, the dedicated item hunter/miner can augment his inventory by quite a lot with several Cardboard Boxes. The average inventory space, counting the toolbelt row, is 36 spaces. By placing a Cardboard Box in just the inventory space alone, you can carry as many as four hundred and eighty six items, raising your total inventory count by 13 and a half times.
  • Construction. Cardboard Boxes can also be crafted by using Cardboard Sheets (each of which is made with 3 Paper going side to side on the top row of your crafting window) arranged in every square of the crafting window except for the center square, which requires a color drop or dye. The color drop or dye used determines what color of packing strip appears on the sides of the created box.Example: When crafting a white-striped Cardboard Box from scratch, Billy acquires 24 pieces of Paper and some White Dye. After converting the 24 pieces of Paper into 8 Cardboard Sheets, he arranges them around the border of his Crafting Table’s crafting box, places the White Dye in the center space, hits Craft, and now has a white-striped Cardboard Box ready to use.
  • The boxes mod allows for a greatly expanded inventory count and should be of great use to anyone attempting a massive project without having to constantly return somewhere to gather more resources. Long-term miners might also benefit from having an entire box of foodstuffs instead of relying on monster flesh for food.

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