BossCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8/1.7.10

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If you want to fight more mobs and even more bosses than the Ender Dragon or the Whither, then the new Bosscraft Mod will definitely add some more excitement to your gaming experience! With this new mod, at least six new mobs and six new bosses are added into your game.

In different biomes, you can find new mobs to face to collect items.

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  • Mummies in the Desert Biome: They are essentially zombies with swords.
  • Rogues in the Plains and Forest Biomes: they appear in small groups with knives as their weapons.
  • Creepy Blocks in the Mountain Biome: These are essentially floating skulls that you can kill. They can jump 15 blocks high and cause a huge explosion!
  • Fire Spiders in Darkness and Deep Caves: They normally appear alone and can be easily killed.
  • Fire Soldiers in the Nether: They drop fire orbs that are used to summon bosses.
  • Wraiths in the Night: once they attack, you can only see their eyes! once killed, they drop necro orbs.

Facing New Bosses in Minecraft!

To summon the new bosses, first you need to have a crafting table with 48 pieces of paper (8 pieces for each boss) and the six following items for certain bosses:

  • Sand with Paper: Summons the Pharaoh Boss!
  • Oak Leaves with Paper: Summons the Rogue Master!
  • Stone with Paper: Summons the Mega Block!
  • Obsidian with Paper: Summons the Spider Queen!
  • Netherrack with Paper: Summons the Fire Lord!
  • Ender Eye with Paper: Summons the Grim Reaper!

To summon the bosses, you will create different scrolls and with the orbs you collected from the new mobs you can summon these six bosses. Along with fighting new bosses you also get awesome new equipment! Depending on which boss you defeat, or if you defeat them all, you can collect extremely rare items that can allow you to summon an endless rain of arrows, shoot fire from a scepter, or even jump ten blocks high with the Boots of Lightness!

This mod not only brings a lot more excitement to the world of Minecraft, it allows you player to experience different mobs and bosses that have their own difficulties that challenge your skills. Be sure to collect all the new equipment and defeat the bosses!

Downloads for BossCraft Mod 1.8.1, 1.8, 1.7.10

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