Blfngl’s Dishonored Mod for Minecraft 1.5.1

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Dishonored is one of those beautifully crafted games full of intrigue, action and a wonderfully imaginative setting. Now, players can don the mask of Corvo himself with blfngls Dishonored Mod for Minecraft. For those who haven't had the pleasure of playing Dishonored, the game takes place in an alternate, steam punk version of Victorian England.

You play as Corvo, a masked vigilante who has been blamed for the assassination of the queen. Armed with a sword, a crossbow and a slew of magical abilities granted by The Outsider, Corvo goes on a rampage to stop those who have wrongfully accused him of murder.

With this mod, players can wield the very weapons of Corvo himself in the world of Minecraft. The mod unlocks new items to craft new items. Players can use hilts for swords and use triggers as the firing mechanism for guns or crossbows. For instance, players can use Corvo’s folding blade, allowing players to feel like a silent assassin. They can also use one of the guard’s pistols for ranged kills, or opt to use the crossbow for stealthy, long range kills. Players can also craft potions, such as Piero’s Remedy, which regenerates health.

Additionally, players can collect runes and bone charms. In Dishonored, players would collect bone charms and runes to upgrade their abilities. With this mod, it is no different. Players can use bone charms up to 25 times, and runes can be used 40. All players have to do is hold a rune or a charm and right click to use its power. For instance, Acrobat charms allow players to jump higher while the River Affinity charm allows players to breathe underwater.

And last, but certainly not least, players can wield Corvo’s magical abilities. With Blink, players quickly teleport a short distance, allowing for quick getaways. Players can also utilize Dark Vision, which gives players sight in dark areas. Finally, there is Agility, which grants playeres faster walking speed.

Blfngls Dishonored mod is one players won’t regret. Dishonored is an experience gamers will not forget, and players can continue the experience in Minecraft. Get ready to feel the power of The Outsider.

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