Bleach Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.5.2

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The Bleach Mod for Minecraft introduces a variety of new items and mobs from an anime series by the name of Bleach. This mod introduces a brand new block, called the Reiatsu block, which will be used by the player to create and craft new weaponry and other blocks. This mod also introduces terrifying and horrid mobs called the Hollows.

The Hollows are a very hostile breed of mob that runs around rampant and attacks the player without notice.

The Bleach mod is designed to add aspects of the anime into Minecraft. The mod gives players the ability to use the power of Shinigamis (Soul Reapers) or Quincies to destroy the countless amount of Hollows that are dominating your world.

Starting Out

When the Bleach mod for Minecraft is installed and the player first enters the game, he has a choice to pick between three factions. Quincy, Shinigami, and Human. Quincies are able to craft and use Quincy bows and Shinigami’s are able to craft Zanpakutos. You gain spirit energy from killing Hollows which are used to fuel various abilities. Spirit energy can also be spent to prevent damage.

Your Powers Unleashed

As your spirit energy goes up, your power does too. You are able to jump higher, run faster and flash step (short distance teleportation). Once you get enough spirit energy, you are also able to unleash your Zanpakuto’s Shikai. Your Shikai will have several abilities based off of the types of hollows you killed and has a random appearance making yours unique from everyone else’s.

Immersing Yourself into the World

The mod adds an incredible amount of depth to the combat system, but that’s not all it adds. The Hueco Mundo dimension has also been added and several new recipes such as paper walls and paper lanterns that will let you feel like you are a bigger part of the Bleach world. The mod also adds recipes such as Hollow bait which will strike fear into the hearts of any fan of the anime.

Fans of bleach will go crazy for this mod. The mod adds so many great new features and adds so much to the combat in Minecraft that even players who are not a fan of the anime will be interested in playing it. With the several new mobs, recipes and abilities installing this mod is like launching a brand new but far more deadly game of Minecraft.

Downloads for Bleach Mod 1.6.4, 1.5.2

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