Better Storage Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.5.2

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The Better Storage Mod for Minecraft offers craft-able better storage solutions for your Minecraft world. The Better Storage Mod adds items such as larger single and double chests and also features lockers, a builder's dream. They function just as a regular chest but can stand vertically. There are also locks and keys to keep your stuff out of prying hands and wearable backpacks to take anywhere you go.

Crates and cardboard boxes can store items as well and be picked up and moved with it’s contents inside for easy moving across biomes. The best part about the Better Storage Mod is that most of these storage solutions can have custom colors. This mod also features nifty custom enchants for your locks, keys and backpacks, for those persistent peekers. Overall it’s a great and fun little mod to add to your Minecraft world!

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