Better Enchanting Mod for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8/1.7.10

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The Better Enchanting Mod greatly improves and simplifies the variety of outcomes when enchanting items in Minecraft. Instead of randomizing a group of different enchantments, it utilizes a simple equation; Item A plus Item B will always create the same enchanted item in the Item C slot. Better Enchanting still requires you to work for the enchanted item you'd like, but it removes all random chance from the enchanting procedure. If you want an awesome Diamond Sword enchanted for Knockback, simply insert a Diamond Sword in Item A's slot and 16 counts of Gunpowder in Item B's slot.

You’ll wind up being able to make a Diamond Sword with Knockback I. Furthermore, if the enchanted quality has different tiers, you can multiply the perishable item of the equation to reach the next tier. So enchanting an item to have Knockback II requires 32 counts of Gunpowder. Although the Knockback enchantment only goes as high as II, you can still obey this rule, i.e. if a different enchantment goes up to III and requires 16 of a particular item to enchant it, you could easily get a III version of it with 48 of that item instead of 16. Such as a Diamond Sword and 64 counts of Flint will provide you a Diamond Sword enchanted to possess Sharpness V (the Sharpness enchantment requires 13 counts of Flint, but a single item slot caps at 64). A final recipe of note is combining a Diamond Helmet with an amount of Clay will give you a Diamond Helmet with Aqua Affinity.

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However, it should be noted that your level is still a determining factor in the enchantments you can put on items, so you can’t cheat to get the high-level enchantments if you’re only level 10. Level 5 or less will earn you no more than tier 1 items, level 10 and up will earn you tier 2 items, level 15 and up will give you access to tier 3 enchantments, and so on.

Better Enchanting also provides a more powerful Enchanting Table, created by crafting a normal Enchanting Table but also adding 3 Books along the top row of your Crafting Box. Better Enchanting is one of those Minecraft mods which is constantly being updated and improved upon.

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